Sale Pepe Pizzeria e Cucina | Maui Authentic Italian Restaurant

At Sale Pepe, we invite you into our modern, trans-continental family, La Famiglia Di Bari.

Our story starts with food, as most of the good ones do… We met at a restaurant, one of his, in Brooklyn. I’m Qiana, a native New Yorker, from Red Hook, Brooklyn. My husband, Michele, is from Rozzano, Milan by way of southern Italy.  From vastly different worlds and cultures, we bonded over a love of cuisine, family, and travel. On one such trip to Maui, overcome by the magic of the island, we married on a whim, and kept coming back.

Eventually, the pull that Maui held on our hearts could no longer be denied. We sold our Brooklyn restaurant and moved to Lahaina, eager to share our vision, philosophy, and love of Italian food and culture with the community.

We are thrilled to share Sale Pepe Pizzeria e Cucina – Maui’s Authentic Italian Restaurant with you. Our pastas and artisanal Italian pizzas are crafted by a certified pizzaiola with fresh, local ingredients in classic and creative presentations. Paired with the enjoyment of a fun, social wine bar atmosphere, the Sale Pepe experience promises an authentic, warm, and satisfying result that cannot be duplicated anywhere else on Maui.

Mangiare Insieme, let’s eat together!