Salesforce Certification Training for Admin & App Builder Course

Scenario 1: Service System Project

A Canada based company which works in the Mobile domain, is in need of an application which can help it to boost the service. To make things very effective, they will use the Salesforce application. They want to track the information about the customer, their types of issues and as per that they want to speed up the process to give them a quick solution.

Goal of this project

Company wants to capture all the information about the customers who are facing some issue in the mobile device. From the type of issue, they want to automate the assignment of the issue ownership to the concern person. Apart from that company wants to escalate the issue to the higher authority when any delay happens.

Scenario 2: Placement Company Application

A Japan based placement company wants to use Salesforce for end to end process of its business process, in Salesforce. Management has decided to track the all positions posted by recruiters and candidates. Also, they want to track the information about the Candidates, capturing details as well as work preference. Then they want to put some business rules in process which will be adding automation in this business process to make an effective system.

Goal of this project

Company wants to capture the details of the candidates in the Salesforce database. Depending on the preferred country location, it wants to assign the Candidate to related recruitment officer related to that region.

Scenario 3: Create an app for Event Management that takes care of – Event Registrations, Confirmations, Cancellations, Speaker associations, and other event-related activities.

Users of the System:

  • Event Management Team
  • Event Manager
  • Attendees and Public
  • Speakers


  • A public facing page where announcements related to different events are displayed
  • Event should have information like – topic/ name, location, start date & time, end date & time, speaker, type of event (webinar/ workshop/ seminar/ conference), event subject (IT/ Management/ HR/ Operations/ Motivational/ Well-being/ Other), and image
  • Attendees can self-register with their name, email and mobile number; they can express interest in a specific area for events
  • Attendees are informed by email on upcoming events for their area of interest
  • The event management team will confirm attendees’ registration after they receive payment
  • Screen to capture information about payment received from attendees
  • Display speaker profile on the public facing page (speakers should be shown with events)
  • The event management team should be able to create, edit/ update, cancel events
  • Any cancellation of the event will require Event Manager’s approval
  • The event management team should be able to add speakers (include their contact details and skills)
  • The event management team should be able to map speaker/s for an event

Event Manager should be able to see following reports:

  • Canceled Events with Speaker information
  • Events Completed with Speaker information
  • All empanelled speakers
  • Events sent for cancellation approval
  • Attendees registering on site
  • Events with confirmed attendees
  • Event Manager should have access to a dashboard covering key reports
  • Confirmed attendees and Speaker/s should be notified about – any (date/ time/ location related) changes to their events

Optional requirements:

  • All confirmed attendees should get an email with feedback link after the event
  • Attendees should be able to rate the event and the speaker on the scale of 1 to 5 (5 being highest)
  • Show event wise and speaker wise feedback scores to the Event manager