Salt Lake Chinese Restaurant menu in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

I ordered the Mongolian Beef, Chicken with Black Mushrooms, Hot and Sour Soup, and two orders of rice (I can’t believe entrees don’t come with rice… that’s new to me for a Chinese restaurant but maybe it’s commonplace here). $39! The food was pretty good but i was so surprised by the price! I looked at their menu online and thought it seemed reasonable so I ordered but when i went to pick the food up it was over $10 more than I expected. When I looked the restaurant up I looked at the restaurant photos on Yelp and saw the menu pics. I guess the prices went up by like $3 or more per item compared to what they are on the actual restaurant’s webpage. $9.50 for hot and sour soup seems really high. The rice price only went up like a quarter but I’m still kinda sore about paying extra for white rice (especially since one menu pic I saw online said the entree came with rice but I asked and was told it was extra). Oh well. Just a warning if you’re on a budget and basing your choices off the menu on their website!