San Antonio: Green

San Antonio Green Vegetarian and Vegan Cuisine-3Pin ItThe original plan was to eat at a Mexican place after our run, but something about the 3 digit heat had us wanting something a little lighter. My biggest rub with vegetarian food is feeling left wanting something more. Sometimes the meals don’t hit all the sweet spots, know what I mean? I immediately wanted something that had a cooked or warm aspect and I was impressed with the em

San Antonio Green vegetarian and vegan cuisinePin ItTheir dishes are packed with savory flavors of garlic, avocado, mushroom and sesame. Combined with the creaminess of their pecan hummus, tzatziki and the briny olives it was satisfying for my palette and for my stomach. Their quinoa tabouli (which is traditionally made with bulgar) had good texture and brightness. It’s piled in their mediterranean bowl with falafel, kale salad, pecan hummus, dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), vegan tzatziki, carrots and tomatoes. The creamy richness of the hummus and warmth of the falafel combined with all of the salad ingredients make for a very satisfying and not-so-guilty, nutrient dense experience.

San Antonio Green Vegetarian and Vegan Cuisine-2Pin ItThe tofu was well done too. Drained well so when grilled or fried it has meaty texture and holds its own in the salad of veggie goodness. This bowl is similar but with their tofu, chickpeas, and guac, sans the tortilla. They have quite a few menu items that are or can be made gluten free or vegan. Everything from burgers and fish to wraps, pasta and fajitas all with a vegan or vegetarian spin. Their mission is top to bottom about vegetarian and kosher food and in running a business that’s all about sustainability. They reused the majority of its restaurant equipment, have a recycling dumpster for cardboard, a bike rack, fair trade organic coffee, free range eggs, uses biodegradable packaging when they can, and will eventually install a cistern to capture rainwater for landscape maintenance.

San Antonio Green Vegetarian Cuisine-6Pin ItSan Antonio Green Vegetarian Cuisine-4Pin ItNot only do you feel good about supporting the restaurant but you feel good after eating the food! This wrap filled with falafel, spinach, onions, tomatoes and creamy tzatziki with a toasty side of sweet potato fries. So flavorful, meaty, balanced, crunchy, creamy and just the thing to end a run down on riverwalk. The sweet potato fries were also on point, creamy and crispy – just don’t wait too long to eat them!

San Antonio Green Vegetarian Cuisine-7Pin It

They also have a pretty impressive collection of vegan desserts like this rice crispy treat fudge brownie and hostess cupcake! Both rich, chocolaty and delicious. Most definitely save room to give a few of their decadent creations a try.

Green (200 E Grayson St, Suite 120, San Antonio, TX 78215 // 210.320.5865)

(10003 NW Military, Suite 2115, San Antonio, TX 78230 // 210.233.1249)