San Antonio Restaurants Open On Christmas Eve – Verified List For 2021

restaurants open on christmas eve in san antonio

Christmas Eve is always a day of anticipation. Whether you’re a young one wondering what may lie under the tree the next morning or a grown-up hoping all your guests arrive safely and your dishes make it out of the oven in one piece, Christmas Eve can be nerve-wracking. For that reason, Christmas Eve is a great night to get out and have a meal on the town to put your mind at rest. For that reason, there are plenty of restaurants open on Christmas Eve in San Antonio.

Editor’s Note: Please note that while we’ve done our best to ensure the accuracy of this list, things are subject to change so check with the restaurant before you head over.


What Restaurants Are Open on Christmas Eve in San Antonio?

Open, likely for a 3 course prix fixe menu. Call for hours.

Serving pre made holiday dinner, orders must be placed online.

Operating hours are 11 AM to 10:30 PM according to the website. Before confirming, check with the restaurant.  

Updated information for 2021 was unavailable but secondary sources point out that Buffalo Wild Wings is open on Christmas Day and Eve. We recommend checking before going.

Open but many locations have limited hours, usually closing by 2pm.

Indirect sources inform that Denny’s will stay open 24×7 through the holidays as it usually is through the year.

Open 5 PM – 9:00 PM on Christmas Eve but it is recommended to independently check operationing hours before you go.

Opens at 4 PM on Christmas Eve. Call for specifics/bookings.

Open on Christmas Eve from 11:00 AM – 10:30 PM for most San Antonio locations. Kindly ensure to call and check with the restaurant.


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Restaurants Open on Christmas Eve 2021 in San Antonio – Continued

Both Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and Bar Rojo are open on Christmas Eve. Check the website for more information.

Is open on Christmas Eve at hours that will vary by location. Check their website and check in with local outlets for details on holiday hours.

Kona Grill

Open regular hours, i.e. 11 AM to 12 AM on 24th December.

Serving Christmas Dinner take-aways from noon to 5 PM. Orders must be placed online by 19th December.

Most San Antonio locations will be open on Christmas Eve from 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM. Dine-in, Carry Out and Delivery Options are all available.

open 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM on 24 December with a full Holiday Menu.

Most stores are expected to operate from 11 AM to 8PM. Find location- specific information here.

Most locations should be open daily until 10 pm. The Christmas Menu for 2021 can be found here.

Should be operating by normal hours.

Is open for businesson on Christmas Day with a special prie fixe menu

Should be open from 5 PM to 11 PM. Reservations are accepted and walk ins are also welcome.

Open for lunch on Christmas Eve from 11 AM to 2 PM.

Open on 24th December. Holiday hours were unavailable at the time of writing this.

Will be open on Saturday from 5:00 to 11:00 PM

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.Check with your local store for opening and closing hours.

Open until 11 PM on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Restaurants Open On Christmas Eve 2021  – Fast Food in San Antonio

We expect the following fast food restaurants to be open on Christmas Eve:

Most stores are to remain open 24 hours on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but check-in with your local franchise to see that they’re open.

Some locations are open on Christmas Eve until 2 PM. Others might be closed over the Christmasd weekened. Confirm with your local outlet.

Dunkin’ usually welcomes the holiday season with an exciting Christmas Menu but opening and closing times for Christmas will vary according to location.

Most locations will remain open (from 10:30 to 12:00 AM) according to indirect sources but you should contact your local McDonald’s for hours and information regardless.

Indirect and unofficial sources on the internet claim that the restaurant is open on Christmas. Call your local outlet before going.

Open from 10 AM to 10 PM all days of the week for Dine-Ins, Drive-Thrus, Take Outs & Deliveries.

Open from 10 AM to 7 PM across most locations.

Some locations may be open, likely with reduced operations. We recommend checking with your local ‘Bucks to confirm. Hours are also usually updated on the Starbucks App.

Open on Christmas Eve with hours varying as per store locations.

Know about any other San Antonio restaurants open on Christmas Eve? Share your tips by commenting below.


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