San Jose’s Tacos & Tequila menu in Florence, South Carolina, USA

So let me explain…. I’m not trying to be a Karen about this… BUT we have been coming to this restaurant since it opened. Food is always good. Prices have gone up but that’s to be expected after 2020. My problem wasn’t the food or prices… My problem was the absolutely giant water bug that flew over our heads and walked around the ceiling above us for about 20 minutes. We alerted the manager immediately and they did absolutely NOTHING. No apologies. No trying to kill it. No moving us away from it so they could try to kill it. NOTHING. I’m not exaggerating the size of this freaking bug. It was about the size of a dollar bill maybe a few centimeters shorter. I know where there is food there are bugs I’m not naive but that was the biggest water bug and for them to do absolutely nothing bothered me. We were ready to get the hell out of there as fast as possible. Thankfully we were about done eating but it was a group of us celebrating my baby shower and we were planning on hanging out a little longer and the guys having some drinks but NOPE we were literally trying to avoid this bug falling on us at all cost. There were other patrons that couldn’t believe what was happening that just started their dinner and covered their food with napkins just in case it fell. Safe to say we will NEVER EVER EVER GO BACK TO SAN JOSE. It’s one of the nicest Mexican restaurants in town but after that we are done. Like I said I know where there is food there is bugs but it’s more the fact they did nothing.