Sandbridge Island Restaurant menu in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

We arrived at our condo last Saturday and were hungry so decided to walk over and get some lunch with the family. We were seated by the hostess at 1:27pm. The restaurant had a few tables behind us and next to us. There were six waiters and waitresses running around.
We waited and waited around 1:40 I asked the table behind us how long they waited for someone to come over to them to grab drinks or give a menu. They said fifteen minutes.
So we waited a little longer and kids started getting antsy. I got up asked for the menus since we were not given any.
We than sat down and waited again. Around 2:00 pm I decided it was long enough.
Not one waiter or waitress came over for almost 40 minutes. Not one even came over to us or asked for what we wanted drinks etc.
Also they need to do something with their bug issue and fly issue. Bugs crawling on the floor and flies all over.
Don?t come here.
Better food at zero subs and much nicer there and not dirty.