Sandbridge Island Restaurant, Virginia (+1 757-721-2899)

What Other Say:

User (17/09/2017 19:29)
If you love your local bar dive this is a great place to go! Definitely hole in the wall atmosphere. The food was not as great as I had hoped, however. My husband got the pizza which he raved about, but the seafood platter I ordered was all fried food and maybe I didn't read the menu correctly. Still a cool place later at night and the pizza was fantastic!

User (19/08/2017 22:43)
It's a dive but a beach dive! The kind you look for when you are in a suit and flip flops. The bar offers I wide variety of specialized drinks and a decent wine selection if you aren't into hard liquor. We stopped in for lunch and it wasn't very busy. I imagine it only gets more interesting as the day wears on. Flyers are posted with live music being offered. Food it hot and sandwiches are plenty. Dinner options don't begin until 4pm.

User (03/08/2017 07:54)
Terrific meals. Fish and chips, salad, lobster tails, blackened crab cakes, tuna sandwich, chicken wrap, crab legs – all delicious. Hush puppies and coleslaw were unique and excellent accompaniments to the entrees. Can't wait to go back.

User (25/07/2017 06:44)
I ordered french fries with ranch and onion rings. Onion rings were good but the container of ranch was very small. I asked for another container and the server gave me two big containers that seemed like thick ranch, but I was scammed. It was blue cheese. Most disgusting thing i've ever eaten. I would rate -1/5 but it's not possible ://. Also my friends coleslaw was bland and had no taste. Eating flies would have tasted better. Which was an option cause they we're everywhere.

User (05/07/2017 00:05)
The food was good and they got our orders right. The portion size of our shrimp appetizer was disappointing, however. The service was less than great. It was very slow, though they did look busy. We opted to eat inside because if flies and cigarette smoke, but ended up eating with a bunch of flies around anyways. Overall I would try this place again on a less busy day. It's in a great location right across the street from the beach. Just wasn't a great first impression.

User (09/06/2017 08:55)
Husband and I visited 2 times while visiting from California with 10 other friends. Late lunch was amazing. Dinner: Half and Half, Lobster tail and Rib eye were phenomenal! Service fantastic. What a great crowd. Hope we can make it back here again!

User (17/11/2016 09:11)
Very accommodating for football Sundays. Affordable Sunday specials during the games, but don't try to order them before kickoff, because that doesn't fly. Cozy feel, outdoor picnic tables, fresh seafood and good pizza.

User (06/11/2016 02:52)
The service was fast and the volcano burger I ordered was great

User (14/10/2016 10:11)
If you have never been here this is a must go on your next trip to Sandbridge! Great environment for the whole family! Excellent customer service (especially since we were there during a big event that was happening on the Boardwalk that weekend). My whole group thought that it was so good that we went three nights in a row. Out of those three nights that we went the staff was AMAZING! Friendly, fast, attentive, polite, kind, informative of great things to suggest to someone who had never been there before(food, drinks, places to go in the area for fun, and giving directions to those places) etc. Even though we went three different nights and had different servers and bartenders each night all of them showed all of these qualities across the board. I really enjoyed my experience and WILL be visiting again on my next trip and you should too! 🙂

User (03/09/2016 00:45)
This is an amazing beachfront bar that obviously has been around for many years!
The locals are full of information and willing to give friendly advice. The entire staff deserves five stars! This is not a large restaurant and is one of only three in Sandbridge! So for those who complain about having to wait to be seated or think service is slow…bad on you! You're on vacation with about 3000 other people who if choose to eat out with out leaving the "Island " don't have many choices and all want to eat within about a three hour span. If you want faster service because you and your family don't want to drive 7 miles to where there are 50 other restaurants to eat at or you can't get along that well together while waiting…I say maybe you should change you venue next year!
You came here to enjoy yourself. …try doing just that. Remember when you're here relax you're on vacation! Luv this bar.

User (01/06/2016 20:48)
Food is Great!! Prices are very reasonable – if you're lucky and can sit on the deck you got a view of the ocean as well. My wife and I love this place – Seafood Pizza, all you can eat crab legs and shrimp… ice cold drinks… definitely a must.