SAP and Emirates Fast Food Company Success Story | Customer Reviews and Testimonials

When was the last time you saw a 22-year-old without a mobile device in arm’s reach? Now, imagine more than half of your workforce is made up of twenty-somethings. For some, this might be their first job, and others may have language barriers. Meanwhile, you’re relying on old-fashioned recruiting methods; getting mired in paper-based, manual HR processes; and expecting employees to phone (gasp!) if they need anything. 


At the same time, imagine your business is growing rapidly – adding eight to 10 outlets a year – in the highly competitive quick-service restaurant sector. You need to ensure strict and consistent quality controls across all your restaurants, increase agility, enable data-driven decision-making, and deliver an exceptional experience both for customers and employees.


Emirates Fast Food Company didn’t need to imagine these scenarios. They were living them. They tapped SAP Services and Support and SAP partner Seidor MENA to deliver a fast, tasty solution to satisfy all their cravings.