SBA Community Advantage Loan – CDC Small Business

Looking to get a working capital small business loan? If you’re not aware, the SBA Community Advantage loan is a smart, affordable, and responsible financing option designed to help small business owners at any stage of their business. 

Take a moment to learn about the SBA Community Advantage loan and the steps to apply.

What is an SBA Community Advantage Loan?

The Community Advantage loan and is an excellent working capital loan choice for new and existing businesses that need up to $250,000 in financing.

The SBA Community Advantage loan is offered by mission-based lenders, which are primarily nonprofits, focused on economic development and creating access to capital for small business owners.

“The Community Advantage Loan Program is key to allow mission-based lenders to think outside the credit box, offer loans to small businesses who haven’t been able to get traditional bank financing, and secure the SBA guarantee to allow them to take a higher risk. The program has helped entrepreneurs across the country start new businesses, secure financing based on projections, and receive much needed technical assistance to grow their business.” – Susan Lamping, VP Sales