School of Restaurant & Culinary Management | NY Campus | ICE

“The management course gave us the opportunity to speak with and learn from experts with some of the best experience in the industry. Overall, I feel the content I learned was extensive and gave me all the resources necessary to create a business plan for my future restaurant. Since the program, I feel confident in starting a business.”



Alonso SotoAlonso Soto (Management, ’20)

“I couldn’t be happier with the education I received from ICE. It has made me a better business person and given me the confidence in myself to open a new restaurant, which I will be naming Agave Mexican Kitchen.”



Hailey CurioHailey Curio (Management, ’19)

“There were many positive things l took away from the management class: one specific was the finance section. I’ve learned how to create a sales projection and to write a P&L sheet for the business. This led to my understanding of business plans. Now I know how to figure out how much square footage I’d need for a 200-seat restaurant and how much FOH and BOH staff would be required. I gained an amazing amount of knowledge.”



Anri ChanturiaAnri Chanturia (Management, ’20)

“I am so thankful for the program. Before I came to ICE and took this class, I was worried about what my career would have been and had no idea where I was headed. Dean Camac made this class extremely helpful and motivating. It made me realize how much I love this business, even with its ups and downs!”



A culinary management class on a field tripRyan Richardson (Management, ’19)

“Attending the culinary management program at ICE was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Not only did it teach me the financial side of the business but made me more experienced and knowledgeable than all of my peers (and most of my superiors) when re-entering the workforce. The class trips were informative and showed how much things can vary from restaurant to restaurant. The speakers were knowledgeable and showed a wide variety of aspects of the business, from restaurant owners to servers to wholesalers. On top of that, all of my professors had slight variations in experience which led to a well-rounded experience that felt comprehensive. I cannot sing enough praises for this program.”


Troy MathewsTroy Mathews (Management, ’20)

“I’m so glad I took this class! I want to start a food truck business. I have a concept, a target demographic and great food, but if I didn’t take this culinary management course, it would have failed terribly. There was so much I didn’t know. The course gave me a real view into real-world situations and problems, hiring people, letting them go, all facets of the supply chain and how that affects the bottom line. Now I feel as though if I start this business or walk into any restaurant I am confident that I can manage the demands meet and exceed any expectations placed in my care.”


Dakota Turner (Management, ’19)

“Personally, I learned a lot about the restaurant industry, and taking the course further solidified my decision to pursue a career in the food business. I even found out that I love the concept of restaurant design, so now every time I see a potential place to open up a bar, I’m looking at it in terms of how I can make the space work for the concept, rather than making the concept work for the space. I think that before I took the class, I thought I could just open up a bar and it would be simple. Now having all the tools and knowledge, I realize that while definitely not an easy job to run a successful restaurant/bar, it’s an absolutely attainable goal. Largely in part to my education at ICE and the instructors.”


Kevin Pinzon (Management, ’20)

“I thought the management course curriculum was very expansive and covered everything you might want to know about the restaurant industry and entrepreneurship. There were definitely many things I learned that I had never even considered before taking this class. I also liked how the structure of the modules was cohesive and cumulative so the material was easy to follow as we transitioned between each topic.”