Scotland Golf Courses Map – Where the Best Courses are Located

If any country in the world lives up to its nickname, it’s Scotland. The Home of Golf features no less than 600 golf courses; more per capita than any other country in the world. The courses range from remote 9-hole layouts which are maintained largely by sheep, to historic members of The Open rota. And they’re all squeezed into an area roughly the size of the state of Maine.

So where are the best golf courses in Scotland located?

The best golf courses in Scotland are generally concentrated within six regions around the country: St. Andrews, East Lothian, Ayrshire, Kintyre, The Highlands, and Aberdeen. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t great golf to be found outside of these areas. Quite the contrary. But for the most part, Americans who are crossing the Atlantic on Scotland golf tours will primarily visit these regions.

Scotland Golf Courses Map

The map below will give you a feel for where the marquee golf courses in Scotland are located. As always, our advice when planning a Scotland golf trip is to divide and conquer. Choose the two or three regions that are most important to you and leave the others for the next trip. This advice, paired with a brief study of the map, will likely lead to yet another question whose answer requires a guide of its own: Where to play on a golf trip to Scotland.

If you’re exploring the map on your notebook or desktop, each of the names will link to a detailed description of that specific course. And for even further study, pay a visit to our Yardage Book where you’ll find in-depth guides to answer many of our most frequently asked questions.


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