Scott Disick under fire, faced with legal action for allegedly skipping event for ridiculous reason

Scott Disick may be a self-proclaimed Lord, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is willing to be his loyal subjects and do his ridiculous biddings.

Last week, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was set to appear and dine at Gaffney’s, a New York restaurant located in the heart of Saratoga Springs. The celeb would have shown up for his reservation, however, he ultimately decided to ditch the event, and the reported reason is a bit wild. Allegedly (per Page Six), Scott skipped out on the event because there wasn’t a plane available (or willing) to take him from the Hamptons to Gaffney’s.

What’s worse is that Disick allegedly also expected the New York restaurant to foot the expenses of his last-minute transportation requirements, and when they, reasonably, couldn’t provide this, he chose to cancel the plans and stay home.

Well, it looks like his inability to separate his royal standards from reality has become his downfall as he is now reportedly facing serious trouble from the fine establishment.

Scott Disick facing legal action for skipping event for lack of plane

Page Six reports that the bosses of Gaffney’s are moving forward with legal action for Scott Disick’s alleged ridiculous reason for bailing on the event that left the establishment with a huge unexpected bill and for sending all the restaurant workers on a wild goose chase.

It was a wild goose chase indeed, because as it turns out, the restaurant was actually willing to work with Disick and do their best to provide a jet or small plane to pick up the celeb. However, communication issues quickly arose once Disick’s team told Gaffney’s that they were able to find a means of transportation, but, later told the New York restaurant these plans fell through and that they should proceed with booking a plane for the reality TV star once again. This happened not once, but reportedly two times! (If you think following this story is proving difficult to follow, imagine how these workers felt living it!)

Ultimately, Gaffney’s had enough of these antics, especially after Disick canceled his first reservations at the establishment a week before. It’s safe to say that Scott Disick won’t be welcomed back to this location anytime soon and we honestly don’t blame the restaurant.

As of right now, Scott Disick has yet to make an official statement about his reported recent actions but once or if he does, we will be sure to let you know.

What do you think of Scott’s reported reason for ditching the event? Valid or absolutely ridiculous? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!