Scott Disick's Meatpacking Restaurant RYU Sells A $35 Drink

So, Kourtney Kardashian’s longtime boyfriend and baby daddy Patrick Bateman Scott Disick has opened a Japanese restaurant in the Meatpacking District. Would it surprise you to learn that said restaurant—called Ryu after the "Japanese school of thought," not the Street Fighter hero—serves a $35 cocktail? Because it most certainly does. Also, a $35 pork shank and a $125 Wagyu rib eye for two. Try and "keep up" with that, eh?

The newcomer started seatings last month (Kanye showed up, natch) but is now open to the plebes. So what to expect? According to the restaurant's press release (we haven't been yet but there are definitely tables available on OpenTable if you want to go and file a report for us), the restaurant's "chic design incorporates elements of Japanese street art, body art and yakuza imagery." Because nothing says "chic" like the Japanese mob, right?

Still, you can probably guess a few details just because of who is involved (Disick's partners are The Griffin's Chirs Reda and Fatty Crew's former VP of Operations Jesse Camac). The circular booths are "covered in gold-hued leather" and the "coveted high-backed booths" offer "custom lighting fixtures" to "provide the perfect canvas upon which servers present artistically composed dishes."

Not exclusive enough for you? "The crowning jewel of the restaurant is the elevated, semi private dining room set along the back of the space. With an undulating ceiling redolent of swish curves and rhythmic movement, and walls completely lined with solid upholstered ribs." Want more? They also have "private label chop sticks for those lucky enough to get their hands on" which "create the exquisite opulence and air of exclusivity that promises to make any night memorable."

But enough about decor and expensive sticks. The restaurant's slim menu (below) itself is pretty interesting. With "snacks" in the $7-$14 range things start on the high end and go up from there. $19 uni toast, anyone? How about $19 soft shell crab with avocado and lime? Still, if you are careful you could walk out with your wallet (Bolivian marching powder presumably helps)…just be careful you don't order the Shogun's Grip cocktail! While a bunch of the drinks on the menu go for the the increasingly standard price of $14, that Grip will run you $35 thanks to being made with Suntory "Yamazaki" 18 yr. whiskey (a bottle of which runs $129.99 at Astor Wines). Why you'd want to mix a drink as fine as that with anything, however, is beyond us. To think we were just worried about the rise of the $20 cocktail.

46 Gansevoort Street // 212-776-1446