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As an EDGAR filer, you have provided the EDGAR system with certain information about yourself or your company, including the filer’s current name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, and the person whom we may contact with questions about a filing. You have an obligation to keep this information on EDGAR—including your EDGAR contact and SEC trương mục contact—up to date. If your information is not entered accurately, or kept current, the SEC staff may not be able to expeditiously communicate with you regarding the status of your filings. 

The contact for SEC trương mục Information and billing invoices is used to process electronically fee payments and billings. If the address changes and is not updated, your trương mục statements may be returned to the SEC as undeliverable.

Accessing submission and company information

To update company information, log in to the EDGAR Filing Website or the OnlineForms Management Website. Please note that filers registered as broker-dealers must submit a Form BD/A (amendment to Form BD) to FINRA’s web CRD/Gateway system to correct any company information other than the email address (see Exception for broker-dealers below).

  • When you reach the respective website’s homepage, select the Retrieve/Edit Data link from the main thực đơn.
  • Input the central index key (CIK) number and CIK confirmation code (CCC) of the company and select Retrieve Company Information.
  • The Company Information page will appear.

Screenshot depicting the company information page

If you wish, you can print this page using your browser’s print function.

Only the information pertinent to your filer attributes—Filer Type and Company/Individual indicator—will be displayed. In other words, if your filer attribute is Filing Agent, the Filer Information section will not be displayed.

Editing company information

Click the Edit Company Information button at the bottom of the page. The Edit Company Information page will appear.

Company information page  

Required fields on the Edit Company Information page are indicated by an asterisk (*). If you do not complete all required fields, you will receive an error message upon submission.

Click on the field you want to edit and update that information.

  • If you attempt to change your Company Name, the new company name may be modified by the system to meet EDGAR naming standards. If this is the case, a pop-up dialog box indicating the company name you entered as well as the EDGAR conformed company name will appear to inform you that the name you entered was modified. You will be informed of any changes made by the software once you submit your changes.
  • You may view EDGAR’s company naming standards by clicking on the link in the note above the Company Name field.
  • If you want to change one of your addresses to match your Mailing Address, select the “same as” check box next to the appropriate address section.
  • If applicable, the Address of Principal Executive Offices section will be populated with the data provided on the most recently filed DOS, DOS/A, 1-A, 1-A/A, or 1-A POS submission for the CIK and CCC provided on the Retrieve/Edit Data page.
  • You cannot change the company’s CIK number.

When finished, click the Submit Changes button. The Company Information Edit Confirmation page will appear. Review the page to ensure it reflects your changes.

To cancel the changes, click the Cancel Changes button or click on the browser’s back button.

To confirm the changes, click the Confirm Company Changes button at the bottom of the page. EDGAR will indicate that the submission is in progress.

The Edit Company Information Results page will then appear confirming your changes. 

Logging in with a different CIK

As you navigate through the Submission and Company Information page, the information you retrieve is limited to your login CIK. If you have more than one CIK, you can change to an alternative CIK:

  • From the  Retrieve/Edit  Company  and Submission  Data page, click Enter Another CIK/CCC. The Retrieve/Edit Data login page will appear.
  • Enter your CIK and CCC and click the Continue button. You can then access or edit all information associated with that CIK.

How are my changes processed by EDGAR?

  • Company information changes to the mailing address, contact person, state of incorporation, etc. are updated in real time in the internal EDGAR database and are available for viewing on the Retrieve Company Information page. This process may take a few minutes.
  • Company name changes, however, must be reviewed and accepted by our Filer Support staff to ensure that any change to a company’s name is appropriate. If your proposed name change is rejected, you will receive a suspension notification message; otherwise you will receive an acceptance notification message. Once accepted, the updated name will not appear on until the entity makes a public filing.

Exception for broker-dealers—use of FINRA’s Web CRD system

Filers registered as broker-dealers can only use the above process to update their email address.

Broker-dealers must submit a Form BD/A (amendment to Form BD) to FINRA’s Web CRD system to update other company information.

  • The Form BD/A filing will automatically update the company information in EDGAR, and thereafter the new company address information will be pre-populated into the applicable address fields on future EDGAR submissions.