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We came across EShipper at a time when we were really needing a better shipping solution. The old method we were using where we were manually imputing data to print labels is now long behind us!

EShipper allowed us to link our e-commerce site directly to our tài khoản with them and made syncing order data as simple as clicking “sync” to receive up to date orders.

When your a start up or small business and need something quick and competitively priced I would highly recommend EShipper! I have searched all over for reasonable shipping rates for our abnormal size packages and hands down these guys are the best.

Last but not least they have incredible customer support!!!

Amanda (who assisted me with setting up my tài khoản from the beginning) has always been quick to respond and very helpful when we needed her. I couldn’t help but to right a good review after reaching out to her for assistance at 9PM on a Thursday night and receiving help right away! Because of her, and her teams dedication we were able to keep printing labels to keep us on track for the holiday season!

So thank you Amanda and EShipper! You guys have done a wonderful job at making shipping easy for e-commerce. And also supporting the small business community!