‎Simple Coin

This is a missing money app.

The free version of Simple Coin is a large number at the top. That number is a sum of the entries you’ve created below it.

An entry is just a value, note, and a date. To create an entry, you just tap the minus or plus buttons. The minus button creates an entry which subtracts from the total. The plus button creates an entry which adds to the total.

There are no limits on the number of entries or color choices in the free version.

The pro version of Simple Coin steps up organization, giving you access to multiple separate balances (called balance sheets). On top of that, you’ll get balance sheet groups, and timeline balance sheets like yesterday and this week.

The app’s generic simplicity allows it to handle many financial situations: budget, cash flow, expense tracking, balance your checkbook, playing monopoly…

Not only will Simple Coin strive to just be the missing money app, but it will strive towards simplifying money as the app grows without compromising your privacy.

Free Version:

– Ad free
– Create and update entries with a value, note, and a date
– Create a quick zero adjustment entry
– Dark mode support
– Easily reset the app
– Every entry has a running total of the entries below it
– Familiar experience follows closely to Apple’s apps
– Print your entries
– Several background color choices
– Swipe to delete an entry

Pro Version adds:

– Balance sheets
– Balance sheet groups
– Timeline balance sheets