Siren Rock Brewing Company | Destination Craft Brewery

The Evolution of Siren Rock.

In 2017, we set out with a mission to create a true destination brewery, carved from the image of Napa Valley, mixed with European authenticity, and paired with our love of incredible craft beer. We envisioned something brightly lit and colorful that would resonate across all demographics. After many sleepless nights and countless scraps of crumpled notepaper, Siren Rock Brewing Company was born.

For us, the Siren represents a beautiful creature perched on a rock, calling out to people of all character to come try our alluring, enchanting, and irresistible handcrafted beers. Each of our beers represents a unique personality  that you might find at any holiday dinner, backyard BBQ, or sitting around a table in the taproom at Siren Rock.