Skidders Restaurant Gluten-Free – Saint Pete Beach – 2022

We went here with family because it got a great rating here. I asked about gf and was told what I could get. My meal came out and looked sketchy, so I asked again. When I got near the end of my meal, I found a piece of an onion ring in my food. I asked about it and the owner was a total jerk about it. He kept telling me that they owned two other restaurants in the area that are gf and I should go there and just wouldn’t stop acting like an ass. I was with a huge party and we all left feeling very uncomfortable. I will never set foot in this place again and will never go to the other places either.
After sitting for no less than 15 minutes listening to him go on and on about how great they are, he didn’t even do anything to comp the meal or any part thereof after finding the onion ring in my food. I spent the rest of the night praying I didn’t get sick, thankfully I didn’t.