Small Business Courses- Program Overview | Penn Foster

What is small business management?

Small business management is a term for the set of skills you may need to successfully start or manage a business. Usually, a small business is classified as a privately owned corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship that has less than five hundred employees. Businesses are defined as “small” in terms of being able to apply for government support and qualify for preferential tax policy depending on the country and industry.

What types of businesses can I start after taking this course?

After completing your small business courses, you’ll have the foundational skills to run a successful business in a variety of industries. Depending on your interests and what you want to do, you can start a retail business, look into becoming a franchise owner, and more.

What will I learn in the small business management program?

In Penn Foster’s accredited online Small Business Management Program, you’ll cover fundamental business topics related to becoming your own boss. The program will teach you how to find the right sources to finance your business, market your products or service, and write an effective business plan.

How do I know if the Penn Foster Small Business Career Diploma is right for me?

If you’re someone who wants to be an independent leader, has a knack for entrepreneurship and wants to be your own boss, the small business management classes could help you build the skills and knowledge that can get you started. Since the program is completely online, it can be right for students who have busy schedules and need flexible classes. Our programs are self-paced with no exam due dates, so you can start and finish when you’re ready. Even better, you can do it all from home!