Smart Snacks Product Calculator

Smart Snacks Product Calculator


Product Information

Take the guess work out of your day! Answer a series of questions to see if  your product meets the USDA’s Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards*. Then save and print for your records!

*Results from this calculator have been determined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to be accurate in assessing product compliance with the Federal requirements for Smart Snacks in Schools provided the information is not misrepresented when entered into the Calculator.

CHECK OUT THE BLUE INFORMATION BUBBLES FOR ASSISTANCE! If unable to view, please update your browser or try a different browser.  Please refer to USDA’s Q&A document for additional guidance on specific products.

Enter product information as SOLD (as portioned and eaten, such as a beef patty on a bun with accompaniments).

NOTE: As of July 1, 2016, %DV is no longer a qualifying standard for compliance.