‎SMART Systems Pro-SMART Shift



This whole system is not user friendly and i would consider myself very tech savvy. Furthermore, this app is not user friendly. You have to have a computer to do most things through this system which many restaurant employees don’t have. When i called customer service to walk me through basic things like swapping shifts (things no one should have to call customer service to be walked through) the woman Mary who answered couldn’t helped me and transferred me to someone named Katrina who was a raging b——- She spoke over me, didn’t listen, and on my second call in hung up on me at the end of the call!!! And yes, it took two calls in to be walked though something that should be easy to do because it’s a common thing done in restaurants. If you are thinking about this system for your business RUN!!! Don’t do it!! This system has been so stressful on our entire restaurant team. We used hot schedules at another restaurant i worked at and they are very user friendly. I never even had to call customer service to begin with but I’m sure if i did, i wouldn’t be spoken so gruffly to.