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The “Badischen Plastic-Werke” began producing plastic products of all kinds, from films to household goods. After some time, bottle crates and stock containers started to bear the name “Peguform”.

After the sale of the film manufacturing division, the Company started dealing with the car industry.

The “Badischen Plastic-Werke” changed its name to “Peguform-Werke AG”.

Physical expansion began in 1982, with the opening of new plants in Gottingen and Waldkirch.

The parent company, “Pegulan AG” sold the Company to the BAT (British American Tobacco) concern.

Klockner-Werke AG took over the Eurotec group, merged the Waldkircher factory with its subsidiary, Kautex AG, and acquired “Plastimat” in the Czech Republic, a main supplier of the Volkswagen brand, Skoda.

Eurotec-Systemteile GmbH merged with Peguform-Werke GmbH to form the new Peguform group, consisting of Peguform Bohemia (formerly Plastimat), Peguform France, Peguform Iberica and the German Peguform GmbH. Following the global expansion of its customers, Peguform set up plants in Brazil (Peguform do Brasil), and Peguform/Hella in Mexico.

Apr. 1999
Was a part of the American “Venture Holdings Trust”, an automotive systems supplier operating on a global basis.

May 2000
Acquired the automotive division of T&D Industries in Luton (GB) to form the new company Peguform UK.
Joint Venture with Matra, France.

Acquired the automotive division of the Mitras group. This refers to two plants in Germany and one plant in the Czech Republic.

Cerberus took over the Peguform Group (Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil) In Germany: Peguform GmbH.
Peguform France and Peguform Bohemia in the group were placed under the umbrella of a U.S. based investment fund organization, Barclays Capital Credit Suisse First Boston Harbert Distressed Investment Master Fund Yucaipa Group together with its former parent company, Venture Industries Corporation, and the company name was changed to Cadence Innovation LLC.

Mar. 2008
Took over the majority of the Changchun Peguform Automotive Plastics Technology Co. Ltd. (CPAT) -a joint venture between the Company and the Chinese Automotive Supplier CAIP

Oct. 2008
Polytec Holding AG acquired the Company from Cerberus Capital Management L.P.

Aug. 2009
Pierer Knunz Group of Austria acquired the Company from Polytec Holding AG.

Samvardhana Motherson Group acquired 80% of shares in the Company on Nov. 23, 2011.

Apr. 2014
Entered a joint venture with Eissmann Automotive to produce leather covers for interior components in Slovakia.

Jul. 2015
Announced to construct a production facility in Kecskemet, Hungary.

Jul. 2015
Completed a new workshop at the German head office in Boetzingen.Germany.

Aug. 2015
Announced to build a new factory in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, U.S.

New plant in Kecskemet (Hungary) and Tuscaloosa (USA).