Snack Pack : Snacks

Tis’ time for the holidays! Whether you’re known for throwing the liveliest parties during the festive time of year or you have go-to friends that bring everyone together, snacks will always be an integral part of it. Get all the snacks and goodies home for the season, from delicious fruit cakes to chips, nuts and crackers to nutritional bars and cheese sticks. Add an extra dash of flavor to your holiday with Butter Toffee Caramel Popcorn from Wondershop to gingerbread house and Rudolph’s Trail Mix from Wondershop. Walk to your nearest Target store or order online from and grab your favorite pack of cookies or candies to enjoy it to the fullest. For people who do not want any extra holiday pounds, do not think you were left out as there are so many low-fat and gluten free snacks to choose from. There is also Party Thrower Gifts Collection that has everything needed to host a delightfully fun and cheerful soiree for all. Any gala is sure to be a merry one with a delightful white chocolate bark or garnishing your desserts or cocktails with rich dark chocolate shavings. Browse through a large collection to find the perfect snack for you.