Social Media Management

Course description

This course offers an in-depth exploration of social media theories and management practices. Students start with understanding prominent theories applied in social media practice and then apply these theories in conducting social media research, executing a social media content analysis, and developing a strategic social media management plan for a real-world organization. They have the opportunity to scrutinize a wide variety of social media tactics, paying particular attention to the unique managerial functions of each. More importantly, students learn the mechanism of social influence and how social media trends are changing the way information flows in our society so that they can comfortably use and effectively leverage emerging social media in the future. In this course, students are able to apply social media management skills and knowledge of social media channels to conduct a social media analysis. In addition, students discuss the use of social media in crises, gain an understanding of setting social media policy, and review ethical and privacy issues surrounding social media marketing. Due to the ever evolving nature of social media, real-time case studies, current trends, and relevant articles are integrated throughout the course and in some cases, supplement or change course assignments.