Social Work

Freshmen and sophomores intending to apply for admission to the social work program should declare pre-social work as their major. Students usually enter the social work program at the beginning of their junior year, in the fall semester, following completion of the application process and acceptance for admission to the program.

Students apply for admission to the social work major by the end of their sophomore year. Specific questions about the application process can be sent to

Transfer students are encouraged to contact the social work program for application materials at the same time they are applying for admission to the College. 

Students applying to the social work major should:

  1. Have completed at least 45 credits.
  2. Have achieved, at least a cumulative grade point average of 2.60 (on a 4.0 scale)
  3. Have an interest in or demonstrated capacity to provide help to people.
  4. Demonstrate the aptitude for and/or motivation to enhance skills in clear oral and written expression and the ability to think conceptually and analytically.
  5. Meet for an individual interview with the social work program director, or designate.

During the interview, the student and program director will explore the student’s interests, experience skills and goals and discuss the requirements of the social work major. This meeting includes acknowledgment on behalf of the student of the demands and time requirements of the senior-year field practicum.

In its review, the program admissions committee will take into account all aspects of the student’s application and presentation. The committee has the authority to make any exceptions to its admissions policy in accepting an applicant and makes the final decision on an applicants’ suitability.

After completing the application process, the student will receive a formal letter from the program director informing him/her of the committee’s decision.