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SOWK 3430.


Research Methods-Social Work.


Research Methods in Social Work (4-0). This class will provide students with an understanding of various processes for building knowledge for practice and for evaluation of service delivery. The concept and processes of evidence-based practice as utilized in social work will be learned and applied. Ethical standards, use of critical thinking, and writing skills will be emphasized. Theoretical constructs for conducting culturally sensitive, quantitative/qualitative research in the borderlands region will be examined. Prerequisite: SOWK 2310 with a grade of "C" or better AND ( PSYC 1301 or SOCI 2312 or STAT 1380 or MATH 1342 with a grade of "C" or better).

Department: Social Work

4 Credit Hours
4 Total Contact Hours
0 Lab Hours
4 Lecture Hours
0 Other Hours

Major Restrictions:
Restricted to majors of BSWK, SOWK

Classification Restrictions:
Restricted to class of JR,SR

Prerequisite(s): (SOWK 2310 w/C or better ) AND (PSYC 1301 w/C or better ) OR (SOCI 2312 w/C or better ) OR (STAT 1380 w/C or better ) OR (MATH 1342 w/C or better)