South Coast Winery Resort & Spa menu in Temecula, California, USA

Up front for the tasting experience here:

If you are coming just for tasting, I think you will have a wonderful time. I have been here several times before for tasting. There is a wide variety of wines and you will likely enjoy some of the wines out of the bunch. The grounds are beautiful to explore and walk and the staff is very friendly and helpful.

As for the resort experience:

I stayed in one of the Villas for 2 nights for a wedding and overall it was really quite wonderful. I really loved this place and there are probably so many more pros than this, but I would like to elaborate on some of the cons because they seem so out of place with the rest of the wonderful stuff here. I didn't get a chance to try the restaurant, spa, nor pool but I am sure they are lovely. Starting with pros:

– Room was spacious
– Beautiful view on the semi-private patio
– Loved the spa tub and shower
– Had all necessary basic amenities like mini fridge and wine glasses in room
– When I got service, wonderful service!!!

– This place feels like it was not built for walking to and from the tasting part of the resort and the villa. At the villa, you have to pass through the carports with no easy walkway around the cars, then walk on streets to the main hotel at least from where I was staying. It seems very weird to build a property like this around a car especially when ALCOHOL is involved.
– There was no convenient place to put any of my towels other than bath towels. I lay my hand towel on the surface of the bathroom counter which I think is questionable for sanitation. Also, some of the towels just fell on the ground through the metal basket underneath the sink when I was trying to grab a washcloth. It would be nice if it was better contained because I am not going to use a towel that falls on the bathroom floor.
– I only had one hand soap out of the three sinks I had in the villa. Basically only one sink was viable for hand washing. I was a bit too busy because of the wedding weekend to go to the front desk to ask for more.
– Calling the front desk with my room phone always resulted in a busy signal.
– Coffee maker was broken but at least there was coffee in the lobby.
– TV was at basically the worst angle for my king bed and the couch in the villa. Not too big of a problem because I was so busy that weekend.

A word of advice for getting around how jarringly hard they make it to get from the villas to the tasting room: buy a couple bottles during the day and bring them back to the room before it closes. The room service wines are up charged probably 10-20 dollars depending on the bottle for the convenience of staying back in your room.

Maybe it could use a dedicated person golf carting villa residents to and from the winery during the day.

Anyway, despite the negatives I have, I would probably come back in the future, but with tempered expectations. It sort of depends though, because it might not be as well worth the money outside of the hotel b