Spanish Language Courses | Learn a language – Colchester Institute

We offer Spanish language courses at eight different levels from beginners through to intermediate plus. Each course runs for 10 weeks, with learners able to progress onto the next level upon successful completion of the previous stage.

Our Foreign Languages course offering is delivered by tutors who are experienced practitioners in various subject languages and specialist backgrounds, and their professional expertise and knowledge is highly valued by our students. At Colchester Institute we offer a supportive and stimulating environment for those who are working towards gaining confidence in their chosen language.

Gaining language skills may enhance career opportunities in a variety of industries and professions. Students may wish to progress to higher level language courses, and eventually to GCSEs or A levels.

*This course is not available to learners under 18.

This short course is not government funded, therefore low income or unemployment fee waivers are not available and additional learning support cannot be provided.

Please call (01206) 712777 for more information.