5-day Advanced Tactical 3-gun Certification Course

Course # AT3G.0735.1 (40-hour Course)


Arizona POST Certified Course

(Accredited by the AZ. Peace Officer Standards & Training Board)

Michigan MCOLES Approved Course

(Approved by the Michigan Commission on LE Standards)

Pre-requisite – Handgun: Our 3-day Defensive Handgun Certification Course or firearms training course of equivalent. (Contingent to student skill-set screening approval by our instructor staff)

Pre-requisite – Rifle: Our 2-day Introduction to the AR-15 / M-4 Rifle Certification Course, 2-day Basic Patrol Rifle Certification Course or firearms training course of equivalent level.

Post-Incident Legal Defense Support: This training curriculum meets ILETSB training standards. Curriculum materials; lesson plan, course itinerary, syllabus with SPO’s, student performance records, instructor certification credentials and list of supporting reference materials are available for post-incident legal defense depositions and legal defense litigation discovery.

Course Description: This

intense 5-day firearms training course is the ultimate in 3-gun cross training programs!

Students seeking to enhance their gun-handling

skills with the semi-automatic pistol, rifle

and shotgun will find that this firearms training course covers

advanced drills integrating all three weapon systems.

During this firearms training course, students

will attend 2 days of advanced pistol training, 2 days

of advanced rifle training and 1 day of advanced shotgun training.  

This firearms training course focuses on development of advanced gun-handling skills and personal defense deployment techniques

in all three disciplines.

This is a fast paced, physically demanding firearms training course! Students should be in good physical condition, familiar with their equipment and have solid intermediate gun-handling skills established with all three weapon systems prior to attending this firearms training course.


following firearms training topics will be covered:

  • Firearms

    safety and safe gun-handling procedures.

  • Principals

    of personal defense.

  • Conditioning mental focus and combat mindset.
  • Enhanced tactical aptitude.
  • Review

    of shooting fundamentals – 3-gun.

  • Methodology

    of shooting the semi-automatic pistol, rifle

    and shotgun.

  • The

    natural action stance. (Pistol,

    rifle and shotgun)

  • Combat

    gun-handling skills. (Pistol,

    rifle and shotgun)

  • Pistol presentation

    the from ready pistol and the holster.

  • Combat methodology of shooting all three weapon systems.
  • Sling

    use and carry techniques. (Rifle / shotgun)

  • Projectile

    trajectory and zeroing iron sights. (Rifle)

  • Presenting

    the rifle and shotgun from low-ready, high

    ready indoor ready and SUL positions. 

  • Ammunition

    management and reloading techniques – 3-gun.

  • Malfunction

    clearance techniques – All 3 weapon platforms.

  • Select

    slug techniques. (Shotgun)

  • Buckshot

    patterning and effective distances. (Shotgun)

  • Moving

    off the line of force and lateral displacement.

  • Threat

    assessment and area scanning – 3-gun.

  • Transition

    to secondary weapon system. (Rifle / shotgun)

  • Multiple

    target drills and engaging multiple threats.

  • Drugged

    assailant and body armor defeating drills.

  • Shooting

    positions – standing, squatting, kneeling and


  • Shooting

    on the move. (Pistol,

    rifle and shotgun)

  • Static

    turns and pivots. (Pistol, rifle

    and shotgun)

  • Use

    of cover.

  • Close

    Quarter Battle (CQB) techniques – All 3 platforms.

  • Mastering Sight Gear 2 – The Flash Sight Picture – All 3 weapon platforms.
  • Mastering Sight Gear 3 – Front Sight Proximity Shooting.
  • Tactical speed shooting concepts.
  • Balancing speed and accuracy.
  • Reducing stimulus / response time.
  • Weapon retention issues.
  • Man

    vs. man shoot-offs on paper and steel targets.

  • Timed 3-gun scrambler course – combined skills test.
  • Timed Combat Shotgun Standard Drill test.
  • Timed Combat Handgun Qualification Course with certified marksmanship rating.
  • Timed Combat Rifle Qualification Course with certified marksmanship rating.
  • The ultimate Shoot-Til-Ya-Puke 3-gun fest!


duration: 5-days

(40 hours)

Course tuition:

$ 900.00

Course student limit: 16


requirements: Note pad and pen, eye

protection, ear protection, baseball type cap, heavy-duty leather or nylon pants belt, holster

and magazine carriers, semi-auto pistol with at least 3

hi-capacity magazines or 5 single stack

magazines, AR-15 or M-4 type rifle with at least 4 magazines and sling, 12 gauge pump-action or semi-automatic shotgun with

rifle sights or ghost ring sights and sling, knee pads, elbow pads and gun cleaning kits for all weapon systems.

Recommended equipment: Shotgun shell pouch, rifle magazine carriers, rain gear, sunscreen, insect repellent, hydration system, water and clothing suitable for contact with the ground.


requirements: 1200

rounds handgun, 1200 rounds rifle, 500

rounds birdshot, 300 rounds buckshot (# 4 to 000 allowed) and 50 rifled slugs for 12 gauge shotgun.

(Semi-automatic shotguns that cannot cycle birdshot will need 800 rounds of buckshot)

(Ammunition is available for purchase upon request)

Absolutely no reloaded or remanufactured ammunition!