Specialty Dining Onboard Symphony of the Seas: Wonderland Imaginative

It is a known fact that my favorite restaurant on the high seas is Wonderland so much so that I plan some of my cruises specifically on board a ship that boasts this incredible venue. After dining at Wonderland nearly seven times, I was ready to be WOWed again but even more than before because hey, Royal Caribbean has spoiled me. Of course, I made a reservation to dine at Wonderland months prior to cruising onboard Symphony of the Seas . I was expecting the same WOW as I had experienced onboard the Harmony mear months prior but was I wrong, WOW can not describe the unreal experience at Wonderland onboard Symphony.

Wonderland Interior| Royal Caribbean Asset

Wonderland onboard Symphony is the best wonderland dining experience I have ever had. Let's start with the incredible attention to detail Royal had while designing the interior of this incredible two-story venue. From Waterford crystal wine and martini glasses to stunning chandeliers, and furniture straight from the mind of the most imaginative child. Honestly speaking the interior design of the Harmony Wonderland is pretty good, not overly creative, but the Symphony is mind-blowing.

What about the food?
Simply put "The best meal I have had on board a Royal Caribbean Ship" to put that in perspective I have cruised 150 nights onboard Royal.

At Wonderland you do not choose your food, they decide it for you, and depending on your party size you might just get everything on the menu. As a party of eight, we had just about everything, literally what dreams are made of.

Let's start with appetizers or as referred to as "Sun, Ice, and Fire."

Reconstructed Caprese Cruise Ship Crayz Asset

"Reconstructed Caprese:"
Take a tomato, save the stem, throw it in the food processor add sugar and other delicious ingredients and reconstruct that into a tomato shape add that stem and you have a reconstructed tomato. Pair that "tomato" with crumbled cheese, dehydrated kalamata olive crumble, and don't forget the "liquid olives" that literally pop in your mouth and taste exactly like a kalamata olive!

Citrus Sea Shhhhh Cruise Ship Crayz Asset

"Citrus Sea Shhhh:"

Spicy tuna served in a lime topped with lime sorbet. The perfect blend of refreshing and spicy!

Mad Hatters Crispy Purple Shrimp Cruise Ship Crayz Asset

"Mad Hatters Crispy Purple Shrimp:"

Crispy wrapped shrimp with a puree of wonders, there are no other words for it!

The Birds Nest Royal Caribbean Asset

"The Birds Nest:"

You have seen this one, a smokey deviled egg that appears right before your eyes!

Next, entrees or "Earth and Sea:"

Liquid Mushroom Risotto Cruise Ship Crayz Asset

Liquid Truffle Mushroom Risotto:

You have never seen risotto like this now have you?

The Chicken and the Egg Cruise Ship Crayz

"The Chicken and the Egg:"

Chicken entree, sounds basic right? Let's take roasted chicken, pumpkin puree, fried chicken skin, and mashed potatoes that is how wonderland does chicken!

Branzino with Crispy Bread a Cruise Ship Crayz Asset

Branzino with Crispy Bread:

A filet of Mediterranean sea bass over a rice medley topped with a thin layer of crispy bread!

Dessert :

The World a Royal Caribbean Asset

The World :

The dessert that appears before your eyes as the chocolate sphere melts from hot caramel to reveal an ice cream sundae only found in your dreams!

Forbidden Apple Cruise Ship Crayz Asset

Forbidden Apple:

A lovely shimmering apple, slice into it to reveal a variety of your favorite ice creams! Yes, the "apple" is an ice cream sundae- BEST APPLE EVER!

Lastly, keep a chair open for the Mad Hatter he is currently a resident of Symphony of the Seas!

Wonderland is a specialty dining experience offered onboard Harmony, Symphony, Quantum, Anthem, Ovation, Odyssey, and a modified Wonderland experience onboard Spectrum and Wonder of the Seas! Wonderland is about USD 55 per person, this price might vary by ship!

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