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Spencer's, Palm Springs, CA

Spencer’s Restaurant Review:

For someone who has never been to Palm Springs, much less eaten there, a trip to Spencer’s is the quintessential dining experience. The patio is constantly abuzz with desert movers and shakers (and celebrities, too). While Spencer’s has been guilty of inconsistent service and menu execution, that seems to have improved. The lunch menu is a casual mix of club sandwiches (try the lobster variety), salads and seafood. As the day wears on, the menu graduates to more sophisticated fare with playful starters like lobster pot stickers and American paddlefish caviar, complete with a shot of vodka. Main courses either swim or roam the range, with a nice selection of seafood and beef dishes, including crispy-skinned whitefish with local white corn, broccolini and shaved onion rings. A handful of pastas and risottos adds a nice balance. The wine list is decent, with a variety of domestic and international options. Cocktails are always in fashion. Among a dozen desserts is crème brûlée. Lunch and dinner offer prix-fixe menus.