SpiceKlub USA – Modern Indian Cuisine | Vegetarian Indian Molecular Gastronomy Food

We do not generally handle reservation change requests or cancellations by phone. All reservation cancellations are handled through Yelp. Our cancellation policy applies if your cancellations are within 24 hours of your reservation. Please for any additional help, please email us at info@spiceklubusa.com.

For all parties of 1 to 12 people (including kids of any age group), you may make your reservation on our website or Yelp account. Multiple reservations cannot be combined.
For large groups of people 13 and over organized for you by our team, please send us your reservation request on info@spiceklubusa.com, and we can help you to cater it accordingly.

We thrive to accommodate your seating preferences (indoor/outdoor), subject to availability. Please note that indoor/outdoor seating preferences are requested. Due to limited capacity, we ask that you do not exceed 1.5 hours of occupancy. We have a 15 min. grace period for all reservations. Please call if you’re running late to confirm if we can accommodate.
All members of parties must be present to be seated.