‎Spirit Airlines



I’m a frequent flyer and have been with Spirit for almost 10 yrs. Without failure they have always been good to me except for and I say again only when COVID -19 started. I don’t think any airline was prepared on how to deal with COVID-19.
Over all they are affordable and there Pilots are amazing the flight attendants varies but the seats could be a lot more comfortable even the big seats which they call first class. At $100-$130 that seat should give me a message be heated recline and should come with a free glass of wine. But for that kind of service I would have to switch to a different airline altogether. Well spirit I’m a ride or die type of gal so I guess we are stuck with one another. It’s good to have wi-if now so I guess you are working to make it better so no complaints a little at a time. Please stop going up on your bags the pricing for carry on is more the a checked bag why, there’s no reason for this seriously. We are all trying to survive Along with that comes traveling so be a little more considerate to your dedicated customers and your pricing. Things change all the time just be aware to how much your adjusting your prices. For many it hurts they’re pockets especially to a med to large size family. Ijs thanks spirit for all the safe travel to and from much appreciated.