Spurrier’s Restaurant in Gainesville, Florida – Celebration Pointe


Legendary head football coach Steve Spurrier brings his dedication to excellence to the restaurant game. Spurrier’s Gridiron Grille, located in Celebration Pointe, serves elevated versions of iconic American fare. As well as a few desserts inspired by recipes Jerri Spurrier, Steve’s wife, used to prepare for Gator football players. The restaurant prominently features football memorabilia, including Steve’s 1966 Heisman Trophy, in an exhibit that will thrill any Gator fan. In addition to two indoor-outdoor bars, Spurrier’s Gridiron Grille will also have one of Gainesville’s only rooftop bars. Spurrier’s is the perfect place to have a meal, grab a drink or catch a game.

A menu with brazen new takes on classic dishes. Desserts straight from Jerri Spurrier’s cookbook. A rooftop bar called Visors (of course) rife with celebration. The HBC is proving he didn’t leave it all on the field. Just like his offenses, this place is loaded. His Heisman Trophy, championship rings and historic gear emanate football glory from the memorabilia exhibit. The finishing touch will be a talented staff that stands ready to serve, creating a winning environment for fans and friends to gather and enjoy an experience that’s much like the man himself. Truly one of a kind.