SR-22 Car Insurance Basics | The General Insurance

Filing an SR-22

Usually, your insurance company handles your SR‑22 auto insurance filing for you. If your insurance company is not licensed in a particular state, you will have to file your SR‑22 form directly with that state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. We’ve provided the contact information for all states below.

At The General, our helpful insurance representatives will guide you through the SR‑22 process and answer any questions you have. We know the SR‑22 laws for each state, and The General ensures that your SR‑22 filing meets state requirements and is filed correctly.

Cost of an SR-22

It varies by state, but you should expect to pay about $25 in fees when filing the SR‑22 form. The General includes the SR‑22 insurance fee with your insurance quote.

Even though SR‑22 fees are typically not that expensive, you will find that your premiums go up. That’s due to the violation for which you are filing an SR‑22. Once you are no longer required to file an SR‑22, and that violation is no longer on your driving record, your insurance costs should go down over time.