Start a Estrella Insurance Franchise in 2022 – Entrepreneur

Founded by Nicolas Estrella in 1980 after he enjoyed a successful career in the life and health insurance sector, Estrella Insurance started franchising in 2008. The company specializes in home, auto, and commercial insurance services that typically
cover businesses, vehicles, and boats, and has expanded its reach with over 150 franchises across the U.S.

Estrella Insurance is one of the cheapest franchises to own. You'll benefit from more than thirty years of professional customer service that Estrella Insurance has procured in its existence.

Why You May Want to Start an Estrella Insurance Franchise

Estrella Insurance has built solid relationships with significant insurance providers so that your business has the best possible chance of succeeding. With trainers and support staff making agency visits, Estrella Insurance offers your location
national marketing over the internet, radio, TV, and other outdoor advertising forms.

Even over unaffiliated insurance competitors, the Estrella brand name stands out while giving your business confidence against other franchised chains. You can even open and operate multi-unit franchises with Estrella Insurance, and the franchisor
offers support and options for financial assistance to make it happen. The franchisor represents over 150 insurance providers, giving you the ability to insure more at affordable premiums.

Furthermore, Estrella Insurance offers incentives for veterans in the form of a discount on the franchise fee.

What Might Make Estrella Insurance a Good Choice?

As you make your decision regarding opening an Estrella Insurance location, make sure you take time to explore the opportunity. Research the brand and your local area to see if a franchise would do well in your community. While competition is
healthy, too much of it may not allow for the most possible growth.

A site location team works with you to identify the perfect site for your Estrella Insurance franchise. Their recommendations are based on population, traffic, and demographics, and if need be, they'll also negotiate the best lease terms on your

And while they guarantee their customers the lowest rates every time, Estrella Insurance looks for franchisees who focus on providing quality service to their customers. This might be a good fit for you if you have expertise and experience in
insurance already. 

How to Open Your Own Estrella Insurance Franchise

In order to become a franchisee with the Estrella Insurance Hialeah team, you should make sure you’re financially ready for an initial investment and potential set-up
fees. These will include royalty percentages and fees and renewal fees. Estrella Insurance offers a ten-year term of agreement that can be renewed if you and the company are both satisfied. 

You might also find it easier to secure financing due to the backing of a reputable franchisor. No need for franchise insurance with this insurance franchise; franchised companies like yours get continual support as well as multiple weeks  of
on-the-job training, assisting your endeavors in every way from opening day.

Estrella typically assists franchisees with location advertising and outfitting new or converted insurance agencies while you're attending training. Before long, you'll be ready for your outlet's grand opening ceremony.