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Step 3. Request Test Coin faucet

Get Test Coin issued for testing purpose.


Request Test Coin faucet


Check the result of the faucet

As LINK Cinema uses Testnet Cashew of LINE Blockchain, users can pay for the ticket with Cashew's base coin, Test Coin (TC).

Test Coin is effective for Cashew only, consequently having no value as an asset outside of Cashew.
You can't purchase Test Coin at the exchange. Instead, you need to request for minting at LINE Blockchain Developers for testing purpose. If you want to conduct usability testing, you need to request Test Coin at this stage.

Test Coin faucet can be done only at the console.

1. Request Test Coin faucet#

You can receive Test Coin, using the console's faucet.

  1. Select "Test Coin" on the Asset page on the service and select the Faucet tab.
  2. Enter the following information to request Test Coin faucet.
    • Amount to request: Quantity of Test Coin faucet request. Set at 100 per request.
    • Recipient wallet: Service wallet to receive Test Coin. Select "AssetWallet" for this sample.
  3. Press the Request base coin button to confirm the secret key.
  4. Enter the secret key of "AssetWallet."

When the secret key is verified, the faucet request is completed.

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2. Check the result of the faucet#

Let's take a look at the transaction history to confirm if Test Coin requested during task 1 above is successfully completed.

2a. Check the history at the console#

  1. Select "Test Coin" on the Asset page on the service to see its details.
  2. Select the Transaction history tab to view the Test Coin faucet request transaction.

2b. Check the history with API#

You can also use API to check faucet transactions as in 5b of Step 1.

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