Subway – Locations – ONroute

Ivy’s Charge & Go level 3 fast-charger locations will be open at 17 ONroute locations along Highways 401and 400 in time for summer 2022, with another three ONroute locations opening before the end of 2022. Each of Ivy’s Charge & Go level 3 fast-chargers at ONroute locations will support the charging of all current models of electric vehicles including charging ports for Tesla drivers.

Electric vehicle (EV) drivers will soon be able to charge at all ONroute locations along the province’s busiest highways, thanks to an agreement between Ivy Charging Network and ONroute and its partners, Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC) and the Ministry of Transportation (MTO).

·          Ivy Charging Network is installing 69 level 3 fast-chargers across all ONroute locations, with the possibility of further expansion. Each location will have between two and four chargers to serve EV drivers.

·          Ivy’s fast chargers will be operational at 20 ONroute stations by the end of 2022. Fast-chargers at the remaining three ONroute stations will be operational in 2023/2025.

·          Ivy’s ONroute Charge & Go locations will offer charging speeds of up-to 150 kWs.

·          Ivy’s Charge & Go fast-charger network will be Ontario’s largest and most connected, offering level 3 fast-chargers, delivering up to100 km charge in 20 minutes or less.

·          Ivy’s Charge & Go network currently has 28 locations and expects to have over 60locations with 160 fast-chargers by the end of 2022.

·          The company also operates Ivy Park & Charge level 2 charging network in partnership with municipalities and businesses, offering destination-based charging for drivers not in a rush.

·          This partnership is part of CTC’s ongoing expansion of EV charging infrastructure across Canada.

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