Sugar Factory – Phantom Gourmet

Food simply doesn’t get more fun than this.


Christina Clifton – Sugar Factory: “Oh the fun level is over the top.”


And you’ve never had drinks like these.


Christina Clifton – Sugar Factory: “It’s pretty spectacular.”


Because the Sugar Factory is more than a restaurant.  It’s an eye-popping, mind blowing, belly busting, ooey gooey, chocolate covered, whip cream smothered one of a kind experience.


Located inside Foxwoods Resort Casino, the Sugar Factory takes everything to the next level.  The dining room is huge and loud, with about two hundred and fifty seats, there’s a big bar mixing up even bigger cocktails, plus a candy store and cafe with pastries and gelato.


Christina Clifton – Sugar Factory: “This place is high energy, always over the top. We do celebrations better than anybody. We have great food, and extremely great drinks.”


Christina Clifton helps run it all, and there’s a lot to run.  Especially when it comes to the food, because the menu here is massive.


Christina Clifton – Sugar Factory: “It’s about 42 pages, but they’re double sided. So you’re really looking at 84 pages of drinks, food and desserts.”


Since this is the Sugar Factory, you should start your meal with something sweet, and the Milkshakes here are downright ridiculous.  Like the Caramel Sugar Daddy Cheesecake Shake, featuring vanilla ice cream blended with cheesecake and caramel, topped with whipped cream, a whole slice of cheesecake, a Sugar Daddy, and a Rainbow Lollipop, all served in a chocolate covered, Graham Cracker dusted mug.


Christina Clifton – Sugar Factory: “So they take a glass, they dip it into the chocolate ganache and let that set and then dust it with graham cracker crumbs, and then they make the milkshake. They put vanilla ice cream and pieces of cheesecake. Whirl that all up, pour that in and then garnish it with a cheesecake and the whirly pop and the Sugar Daddy, and then top it off with whipped cream.  You get good stuff on the outside of the glass and also on the inside. Plus on top.  And you can eat the chocolate on the outside by just taking a spoon and scraping it up the side.”


Other insane milkshakes include the Twinkie Dinkie, topped with Marshmallow Fluff, Rainbow Rock Candy, and a whole Twinkie, in a white chocolate dipped mug garnished with gum balls.  Or the Bacon Cheeseburger Milkshake, topped with — you guessed it — a strip of bacon and a mini cheeseburger, in a glass covered with Pretzels and M&Ms.  It’s like an entire meal in a mug.


Christina Clifton – Sugar Factory: “They usually take the burger off and save it for later. It’s interesting to watch people do it. We help them with how to dismantle it so that they can dive into the shake. Usually people start eating from the outside first, and then sipping on the milkshake and then they take a bite of the burger just depends.”


There are plenty more eye-popping eats at the Sugar Factory, like the Rainbow Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich.


Christina Clifton – Sugar Factory: “It’s a doughnut made with dough that’s been infused with colors of the rainbow.  So it’s beautiful, when you cut into it, it’s all kinds of colors swirled through the doughnut.  We take that in half, we put ice cream in between the two pieces of doughnut. Top that with great raspberry and strawberry sauce and whipped cream. Delicious.”


But out of all the outrageous items here, there’s no bigger show stopper than this: The World Famous Sugar Factory King Kong Sundae.


Christina Clifton – Sugar Factory: “It’s 24 scoops of ice cream garnished with several different sauces, chocolate chip cookies, pieces of ice cream cone, Reese’s Pieces, white chocolate and strawberry shavings, and we top that off with candy necklaces and lollipops and sparklers.”


When this super sized sundae makes its way through the dining room, customers can’t believe their eyes.


Christina Clifton – Sugar Factory: “Their faces are like unbelievable right.  It’s a big production and people love it.  When the lights go down, everyone’s looking around, who’s got it, who’s got the King Kong Sundae.  It’s a great great dessert. People get them for celebrations, for birthday treats or just, that’s what they came in for. Just that.”


There’s plenty of savory stuff to eat here too, and as you might expect, it’s also over the top.  Like these cute, colorful Rainbow Sliders, that always get a great reaction.


Christina Clifton – Sugar Factory: “The customers face is usually full of surprise. Mouth hanging open and they’re like oohing and ahing. Especially when it’s kids, they go crazy.”


And kids of all ages get a little nuts when they get a load of the Big Cheesy Burger, a grass fed Angus patty absolutely smothered with creamy Mac and Cheese.


Christina Clifton – Sugar Factory: “It’s loaded. It’s loaded, it’s like flowing like a volcano full of mac and cheese.”


To drink, how about a smoking sixty ounce goblet filled with fruit, candy, and all kinds of alcohol.


Christina Clifton – Sugar Factory: “So we put down our goblet, full of ice. We pour and then the magic happens. Smoke comes out of them and they just, they create such a great effect. People are oohing and ahing all the time. It’s the most instagrammed items in pretty much the world.”


There’s the Ocean Blue garnished with Gummi Sharks, the Passion Punch with blood oranges, and the tropical Lollipop Passion with melon, pineapple, coconut rum, a candy necklace, and a pair of Unicorn pops.


Christina Clifton – Sugar Factory: “It’s the number one selling goblet in every Sugar Factory.  I think it’s the tropicalness of it, the coconut and melon and the unicorn lollipops are really great and people love to take them. Eat them here or take them home.”


And not only do customers take home something sweet to eat, they also leave with plenty of sweet memories after a meal at the Sugar Factory.


Christina Clifton – Sugar Factory: “Oh, it’s fun. I mean we have such great food and great drinks, and when we bring them over, the guests are just thrilled when they get our goblets, or our insane milkshake, or King Kong Sundae.  People just have an incredible time here.”