Sumo Japanese Steakhouse | The Best Steakhouse in San Antonio

About UsTraditional Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse

Sumo Japanese Steakhouse is a traditional Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse, features expertly prepared food by some of the best chefs in San Antonio in the Japanese style of cooking known as “Teppanyaki.”

You’ll sit at a table surrounding an iron griddle as the chef prepares your meal right in front of you, putting on an incredible performance with knife flying and fire blazing skills.

From juicy steaks, tender chicken, fresh seafood, and savory vegetables. Your meal is coupled with great service an tables-side entertainment that is a guaranteed good time for the whole family.

Our HeartBrand’s Kobeashi Beef kobeashi beef

Both tender and Succulent as well one of the healthiest sources of protein you can eat. The great taste and health benefits are unique to Kobeashi cattle which originate from Kumamoto, Japan. Our Kobeashi Beef’s unique composition and ratio of healthy fats helps lower cholesterol and support weight loss. And Kobeashi beef is all natural and has no added hormones.