Sunset Cove menu in Bowleys Quarters, Maryland, USA

Tiktok is definitely doing its thing for me as far as getting to see places I haven’t. Sunset Cove was definitely a chill vibe for me. I went on the ?th of July so I expected to wait a while for a table as per other reviews but nope. Walked right up to the host and immediately got seated and it was in the afternoon. The drink I had was so good I knew I would order another after one sip. The food was actually tasty aside from some minor tweaks I ate everything as it came to the table. One suggestion for ordering though even if you know what you want, order your food in a staggered manner. I made the mistake of ordering everything all at once and it definitely seemed like there was no time in between appetizers and entrees so the table got full pretty fast and by the time I got to eating the entrees it wasn’t as hot. I love the fact that they bring the food from the kitchen covered and it’s table prepped right before your server brings it to you. The music could have been a little more diverse but still not complaining.

The one worse part of my whole experience was the bites from the sand bugs. It’s annoying to say the least but you’re outside right next to the water and there’s food so some things will be expected. I’d suggest spraying on some bug repellent or even longer pants to counter act this!

For my first time 5/5 stars and I know the next time to dress or prepare accordingly ?. Oh and the views chefs ?