Super Sitter Babysitting Class

Kids ages 10-15 will learn lifesaving skills and how to provide fun and safe care for infants and younger children. The class will train sitters in the following:

  • Hands-on Emergency training for a choking infant or child

  • Hands-on Emergency training on how to perform basic infant & child CPR (not a certification)

  • Safety rules for hand hygiene and basic first aid

  • How to calm a crying infant

  • How to plan age appropriate activities that are safe and fun

  • How to feed, burp & diaper an infant

  • What items to include in a babysitting kit

Each child will receive their own babysitting bag which includes a booklet that summarizes the information discussed in class! 


Please be advised:

  • Once students are registered, we plan on their attendance and are unable to refund

  • There is a $15 rescheduling fee

  • Space is limited. If you would like to register a group, please plan ahead. Call 801-387-7800 to check availability

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