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Thai food is known as a work of art, a topic of conversation,
and a perfect reason to enjoy the company of friends and family.
Thai food brings together the aroma of herbs and spices along with the taste and texture.
Sweet basil, fresh garlic, ginger, galangal, coriander,
and lemongrass are the main Thai herbs used in signature soup such as
Tom Yum as well as other main dishes like Spicy Basil and Ginger Lover.
Thai cuisine also offers milder dishes such as the popular Pad Thai
noodle or Garden Delight for those who do not like spicy flavors.
Thai curry such as Panang curry, has its own character of curry spices,
which blended well with cream of coconut and vegetables that make
Thai curry very flavorful. Here at Sweet Basil, we would like to prepare our
Thai cuisine to best fit your taste and offer you the real authentic
Thai flavor from momma’s and papa’s recipes.