Tabla Ridgewood NJ

Indian cuisine is soulful and filled with exotic, complex flavors that will truly leave you captivated by its flavor. Tabla is an Indian high-end fine-dining restaurant situated in the gorgeous downtown of Ridgewood, New Jersey. Here, we bring you the rich tradition and the vast, diverse culture of India with delicious food. At Tabla, food is treated as art. From the perfect mix of spices to the flavorful combination of ingredients, our food truly redefines fine-dining experience. 

The food is created with absolutely fresh ingredients by the magician of a chef who treats each dish as his best performance piece. Our menu is carefully curated to allow for the most authentic dishes. We serve different kinds of dishes with various varieties from regional Indian cuisine. Our food is designed with consideration of the tastes of the local customers which allows us to have the perfect flair of spice to serve you best.

We, at Tabla, place great importance on the décor. We believe that the environment at a fine-dining restaurant is just as important as the quality of food. With an upscale Indian theme, we try to give our customers the royal experience of India. The walls are elegantly ornamented with photos and art that reflect the history of British-India and features the great palaces at homeland. We want you to feel closer to the Indian culture and enjoy every moment of your time at Tabla.

We live with the purpose of serving our customers and ensure they have their best time with us. Providing tasteful food is our mission and having more people try Indian food is our vision. Our friendly and professional staff ensures that you have the best experience at the time you spend with us. The staff is trained in Indian traditional hospitality to serve your every need as we treat you as are an honorable guest.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi