Table Talk Corporate Dining | About

Our Vision

TABLE TALK restaurants are staffed by professionals who have a passion for food and who care about their corporate customers, offering an exceptional dining experience.

Established in 2011, we specialize in health conscious, Mediterranean style cooking “on premises.”” Our lunch and dinner menus are rooted in traditional rustic dishes, transformed for the modern palate.

Based on our success with Novartis, we are expanding to bring this authentic cuisine and upscale dining experience to corporate facilities like yours. With this unique partnership, we aim to elevate standards in corporate dining and redefine the question: “where shall we eat today?””

TABLE TALK offers your associates:
• Imaginative, seasonal dishes with emphasis on health conscious recipes
• Greater value than outside restaurants
• High quality, upscale dining
• Relative privacy for confidential discussions
• Highly professional service
• An attentive waitstaff
• A light, airy, relaxed atmosphere
• Table linens
• Three meals a day plus catering for special events

We offer you, our corporate partners:
• Over twenty years experience as purveyors of fine dining
ServSafe Certification
• High quality on-site dining to maximize productivity
• Significant cost savings for you and our guests
• Transparency of reporting
• An ability to work in alignment with your preferred food service provider
• Fully vetted food suppliers and professional staff
• Our commitment to environmental sustainability
• Our passion for everything food!