What are the tokenomics AND CONTRACT DETAILS?

TacoCat’s tokenomics ensure equal opportunity and peace of mind for every investor and holder.

Buys are taxed at 9%, and this fee is further broken down into smaller percentages which respectively go towards our marketing wallet, reflection to our holders and also into the TacoShell wallet, which is our unique buyback mechanism.

Sells are also taxed at 9%, in order to promote holding and minimise price dumps. The fee from sales is also broken down into the same categories as the aforementioned buying fees, which ensure three very important things:

– Our marketing wallet which is paid out in BNB is loaded and ready to be utilised for the benefit of our project.
– Our holders receive reflection which is an amazing way to generate passive income.
– Our buyback mechanism gets steadily loaded ready to be deployed to initiate buybacks if/when needed.

Speaking of buybacks, “TacoShell” is a feature of our contract intended for buying back TCT at market value in order to promote growth and ensure price stability.

Given the unrenounced nature of our contract, we can adjust the TacoShell to stack up BNB in its wallet and deploy it all at once, or customise it so that for example after every single sell, the TacoShell makes an automatic buy. The possibilites here are endless and all work towards price stability.

TacoCat is much more than just a cryptocurrency: it’s a business. This requires legitimacy and trustworthiness, and we recognise the importance of this by constructing a unique solution to locking our liquidity. Given the dynamic nature of our project and the desire to remain adaptable to the ever changing Binance Smartchain landscape, our liquidity is locked in a completely safe and unattackable contract, and it’s only accessible with a multi-signature mechanism which is owned by our two project owners, CEO Danny Mijac and COO Jasper van Ravenzwaaij.

A multi-sig feature means that it requires both owners to sign off on any possible changes, ensuring safety and preventing any possibility of the liquidity becoming compromised.

Our contract is packed with lots of other interesting and unique features such as anti-whale and bot mechanisms, and the fact it is unrenounced gives us the edge over our competition, meaning we can make changes at any time and introduce new and exciting features, which is exactly what we plan to do.

We always consult our community and investors first, and never meddle with the contract without their satisfaction and approval. Your funds are never going to be safer anywhere else than with TacoCat.