Takis Mad Greek

Read the frontpage newspaper article on Taki, his family, his music, and his restaurant.

Our new larger location is perfect for birthday parties, family night out, anniversaries, wedding rehearsals, wedding showers, corporate parties, etc., or enjoy a night out with excellent Greek food and atmosphere.

We have an inviting, family-friendly atmosphere where people of all ages are welcome from 1 to 105. Serving delicious large portioned, freshly made, healthy, authentic Greek food! All of our appetizers, dips and freshly made authentic Greek souvlaki meat are prepared every day on our premises by Taki.

Authentic Live Greek Music Every Saturday

Every Saturday night features live music on the Bouzouki from the legendary Taki (Demetrios) Dotis, his Mad Greeks and Greek Diva Elizabeth singing all of your favorite Greek songs. We also have the honor of award-winning Belly Dancing and traditional Greek dancing.

Live music begins at 6:30 pm and we recommend reservations for parties of 4 or more. Feel free to join us and we will find a place for you or your party in our new expanded Ballard location’s larger dining room or our new bar section.

Taki (Demetrios) Dotis is a legendary musician, composer, recording artist and a master of the Bouzouki. After doing recordings in Athens, he played in several movies and Athenian clubs, including the historical HARAMA.

Taki played with legendary musicians and composers like Vasili Tsitsanis, Yiannis Papaioanou, Spyros Zagoreos and George Lafkas. He also accompanied such famous singers as Dimitri Mitropanos, Yiannis Florinotis (Euro-Vision, 1975), Rita Sakelario, Rene Dhalma, Rena Koumiotis, Katrerina Topazi and Haroula Lambraki. He is historically known as the first Bouzouki musician from Florina and King of the Taxim. Invited to perform for Greek – American audiences, his music led him to Hollywood, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Hawaii, Boston, Toronto, and then to Seattle.

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