Tank Company is an upcoming 15v15 multiplayer game featuring realistic WW2 tanks

NetEase has just concluded its 2022 conference and unveiled a bunch of updates for existing games, but also, more excitingly, announced several new games. One of them is called Tank Company, a 15 v 15 multiplayer title that sees you battling it out in tanks from WW2 and the Cold War.

The easiest comparison to draw here would be with Wargaming’s enduringly popular World of Tanks and, based on the gameplay we’ve seen, it certainly looks like the developers have taken some inspiration from it. Throughout the gameplay, we see tanks bouncing shots when angled favourably and using the terrain to their advantage, such as cresting hills, to get in a good shot.


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To keep matches visually interesting, Tank Company will feature a variety of maps. Some battles will take place in blazing hot deserts and others in cold towns. You can also expect the occasional tussle in the ruins of a war-torn factory and skirmishes across the beautiful countryside that would be rather quaint on any other day.

It also sounds like customisation is a big focus in Tank Company. Not only is there a huge fleet of tanks to choose from, but you can also level up your vehicles and kit them out with useful equipment. Then, to give them a more personal touch, there are an array of decals and camouflages available. Throughout development and beyond, we can expect more tanks to be added to the game. At present, you can choose tanks used by the USSR, Germany and the USA.

Tank Company will eventually release on the App Store and Google Play, although there is no release date yet. Naturally, we’ll keep you updated as and when we learn more about it. Additionally, you can pre-register your interest on the official website today.

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