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TAO Chicago Nightclub

On September 17, 2018, Chicago’s newest nightclub and restaurant hybrid opened its
doors. TAO Chicago can be found in the city’s historic River North stone castle but the
1892 landmark is anything but outdated. TAO has been completely transformed into a
multi-level lounge, restaurant, and separate adjoining nightclub – all meticulously
designed by Rockwell Group. TAO Chicago draws inspiration from the venue’s other
popular locations, including TAO Downtown in New York and other destinations in Las
Vegas and Los Angeles. For a modern, sophisticated vibe, TAO Chicago has been
remodeled and now features Asian-inspired artwork and décor with a relaxed ambience.

The building that houses the new TAO location was originally designed by Henry Ives
Cobb. Before becoming one of Chicago’s hottest new restaurants and nightclubs, the
granite-clad building was once home to the Chicago Historical Society, followed by the
Chicago Institute of Design and a series of nightclubs and recording studios. The
property provides TAO with more than 34,000 square feet of space and although it has
been overhauled, it still contains many of its original charms. The structure’s stone walls
and arched windows still remain, creating a dynamic nightlife destination that preserves
the building’s aged beauty.

TAO Chicago has a number of remarkable highlights that guests will discover upon
stepping foot into the spacious venue. First, the ceiling in the subterranean dining room
consists of a round black panel that has large-scale gold Chinese calligraphy carved
into it. The awe-inspiring focal point gives a nod to the property’s original domed ceiling.
Upon arrival to TAO, you’ll find that the entrance to the club is an alley lit with lanterns
which was inspired by Japanese temple gates. Just over the restaurant is a spiral
staircase and on the second floor you’ll find Chinese lucky cat figurines believed to bring

Throughout the club you’ll discover a series of arches that once covered a vaulted
library. These arches have been adorned with LED strips to create the ultimate mood
lighting. Some of the biggest highlights in the club include a 20-foot-tall Hush mural, as
well as a 10-foot-tall Japanese bell with disco ball that was custom made. Exposed brick
throughout gives TAO Chicago warmth and the low lighting really sets the mood. In the
two-level space, you’ll find four private dining rooms, a large bar, and a grand staircase
that connects to the club’s ground and lower level seating.

TAO Chicago has a capacity of 1,000 people in its nightclub and can operate as two
separate rooms or can be combined into one larger room with a removable wall.
Towards the end of the space you’ll discover private booths where guests can relax and
enjoy privacy away from the crowds. The lounge area has its own bar and leads to the
venue’s restrooms. At the end of the nightclub you’ll find TAO’s dance floor and DJ
booth. Since opening, TAO Chicago has been a celebrity magnet attracting the likes of
Kourtney Kardashian, Taraji P. Henson, and Cub players Daniel Murphy and Jon

The menu at TAO Chicago does not deviate much from its other locations in Vegas,
New York, and Los Angeles. However, you can expect to find a few new dishes to
complement their crowd favorites like wagyu beef and dim sum. You’ll want to try out
items like lobster wontons, crispy snapper, and their signature tuna sashimi “pringle.”
The restaurant in TAO can accommodate up to 275 people. If you’re ready to visit TAO
Chicago, you can find the nightclub at 632 N. Dearborn Street. TAO opens at 5 PM
nightly and reservations can be made to ensure fast entry.